Rentals (Before inquiring about rentals, please check this calendar to see if the date and time you want is available.)

Our classrooms, yurts, and sanctuary are available for rent on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. We offer reasonably priced spaces for meetings and trainings. Our Sanctuary, featuring vaulted ceilings and views out to the piney woods, offers a perfect setting for parties, ceremonies, and celebrations of personal milestones. We also have connections to officiants of both religious and non-religious backgrounds who can officiate.

Contact us at for more information, or call us at 1 919-213-0469.

Special considerations can be made for long term rentals and non-profits that share our UU values.


  • Sanctuary $150 for up to 3 hours
  • Any classroom $50 for up to 3 hours
  • Yurt $50 for up to 3 hours (currently these 2 spaces are occupied)
  • Kitchen $50 for up to 3 hours
  • Sound System $50 for up to 3 hours
  • Piano $50 for up to 3 hours
  • Active Members of the UUCH pay 1/2 these rates.

Questions?  Contact us at for more information.

Non-member Rental Application

If you’d like to go ahead an apply to rent, please use the link to the application in the toolbar on the left of this page.

Rental Payments

Please mail a check payable to UUCH with “rental” in the memo line to PO Box 275 Hillsborough, NC 27278.

If you prefer to pay electronically, please use this link. Scroll down to rental payments.



COVID-19 Statement:  We are currently implementing measures for health and safety.  These include wearing masks indoors during worship services and maintaining social distancing (family groups can be together) in our interior spaces.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Hillsborough provides a limited number of community organizations ongoing use of the building; other organizations and individuals may arrange to use our facilities on a one-time only or short-term basis.  The Congregation’s top priority is to its own program and membership needs. If additional space is available, then priority is given firstly to nonprofit groups whose visions align with and are supported by the Congregation. Secondly, to other nonprofits, and thirdly to for-profit organizations so long as the organization and the activity do not contravene the purpose of UUCH.

Building use activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Governance Council.  No commitment for building use is final until the Building Use Agreement has been completed and executed by the Facilities’-Use Coordinator and/or representative from the Governance Council.  When a scheduling conflict arises, it will be resolved by the Facilities Use Coordinator and/or representative of the Governance Council. Generally, members take first precedence, long-term renters second, and one-time renters third.

Approval of the use of the grounds and facilities does not constitute or imply UUCH’s endorsement of a group, its mission, or its positions.  Groups approved to use the facilities must not advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by the Congregation. No activities or advocacy may take place within our buildings or grounds that conflict with the Articles of Association and the purpose and practices of this congregation or of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Renters or approved users of our facilities may not sub-let any of the rooms or equipment to any other person or group.   

Smoking policy:  UUCH is a non-smoking facility, which includes vaping.

Restrictions on use of Fire or Flame: No open fires/flames are permitted on the UUCH campus. However, with prior authorization from the Facilities’-Use Coordinator, indoor candles (such as votive candles, tea lights, floating candles, or ceremonial chalice) may be permitted for ceremonial use or lighting effect. Also, exception may be made for special outdoor ceremonial events in specially-designed equipment or locations, but only with the explicit pre-approval of the Governance Council and  supervision by the Facilities’-Use Coordinator or their representative.  No incense, saging, smudging, or scented candles are permitted on the UUCH campus.

Weapons: UUCH does not allow weapons of any kind on our property, except when in the possession of a sworn officer of the law who may be on the premises. (see UUCH Safety Policy)

Alcoholic Beverages: Consumption of only wine and beer is allowed provided your group complies with all state and federal laws and you have assigned a specific person responsible for beverage logistics and to monitor consumption. Your group will assume all responsibilities and any resulting liabilities.  Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold on UUCH property unless you have a certified license from the North Carolina State ABC Board. (see UUCH Safety Policy)

Pets/Animals: Service animals are welcome.  While we love all animals, allergy and safety concerns require that other pets stay home.

Equipment and piano use: Wifi internet access, HDTV, DVD player, digital projector, easel, piano, and sound equipment options are available to rent upon request.  The sanctuary piano may not be used at all without explicit permission or rental contract. No items whatsoever may be placed on the piano!

Energy conservation:  Conserving energy is important to the operation of our facilities and to our UUCH values. We expect renters and users of our facilities to minimize the use of heating, cooling, and lighting to levels necessary for basic comfort and use.

Age requirement: Renters must be at least 21 years of age.

Fees for Facility Usage

Non Member Pricing

Refundable Security Deposit $250.

A security deposit shall be required for all non-member functions, unless fees are waived with the approval of the Facilities’-Use Coordinator and/or Governance Council. All or a portion of the Security Deposit will not be refunded if the space has not been returned to its standard arrangement (see Setup and Cleanup Agreement). Security Deposit is due upon acceptance of rental space request.

Sanctuary $150 for up to 3 hours

Any classroom $50 for up to 3 hours

Yurt $50 for up to 3 hours

Kitchen $50 for up to 3 hours

Sound System $50 for up to 3 hours

Piano $50 for up to 3 hours

Prices for Members of UUCH:

Pricing for members will be half the above costs. Members of our Congregation are not charged rental fees for use of the church facilities for “life-passage” events (such as weddings, memorial services, graduations, anniversaries, etc.) provided the entire Congregation is invited to attend.  However, for Members who schedule more private personal or non-UUCH-group events with limited attendees (i.e., NOT inviting the entire Congregation), rental prices will be half of the non-Member pricing. The Refundable Security Deposit of $250 will still be charged, but can be waived for members at the discretion of the Governance Council (GovCo) and/or the Facilities’-Use Coordinator.

Pricing for Special Groups:

The Governance Council approves certain community organizations as Community Partnerships each fiscal year.  These groups will have rental fees and security deposits waived. Other groups may also have rental fees reduced or waived with approval from the Governance Council.  The Governance Council retains the authority and responsibility for negotiating contracts with all long-term renters.

Setup and Cleanup Agreement

It is assumed that renters will be responsible for all their own set up and clean up, and that these activities will occur during the specified rental period slot. Failure to properly clean the facilities and return them to the proper configurations (see section on “Furnishings and Equipment” below) will result in forfeiture of some or all of the security deposit and could result in cancellation or denial of future usage agreement with that organization or persons.  If food is served in the Main Worship Hall, then food trash, crumbs, and any spills should be cleaned up; and the rows, aisles, and open areas should be vacuumed and swept before leaving.

Furnishings and Equipment:  Tables and chairs in all rooms can be arranged as needed for any event or meeting. However, no furniture or equipment is to be moved outside the building without special approval and permission from the Facilities’-Use Coordinator.  Renters are responsible for setting up each room and then resetting the furniture in each space that is used. That resetting should be EITHER to the same configuration in which each space was found,  OR  in the case of our Sanctuary (Main Worship Hall) to the “Standard Chair/Furniture Configuration” (for which visual guides are available and posted in the Sanctuary) for our regular Sunday morning worship services.  Failure to reset each space in these proper configurations will result in a forfeiture of part or all of the security fee.

Kitchen and Food: Renters/users of our facilities may bring their own refreshments or hire caterers for their events. Coffee and tea pots are available for your use by request. Renters/users are expected to supply their own food-service supplies–including disposable plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, paper towels, coffee supplies, etc.  When your event ends, you (or your caterer) are responsible for clearing the rooms of all food, beverages and trash. Counter surfaces and appliances should be cleaned and wiped dry. Janitorial supplies are provided by UUCH. Any UUCH pots, pans, trays, serving utensils, etc., that are used in food preparation or serving should be properly washed, dried, and stored away before leaving UUCH at the close of the event/meeting.  For those rentals that include kitchen privileges, a portion of the shared refrigerator and freezer space is available for use during the event/meeting.

Trash disposal and recycling:  After each event or meeting when food, snacks, and/or drinks are served, renters/users should put all non-recyclable trash, debris, and food scraps  into the clearly marked trash containers lined with trash bags. Then tied bags full of trash/garbage should be taken to the large trash container outside the back door.  No trash/garbage should remain in the kitchen once the event/meeting is over. The same process should be followed for recyclables: All recyclables should be placed in the clearly marked bin in the kitchen, and then when full, or before leaving UUCH, the recyclables in the bin should be taken to the back of the building and emptied into the large recycling container there. Return the recycling bin to the kitchen.

Liability for loss/damage:  UUCH is not responsible for loss or damage to any of the renters’ belongings, material or equipment.

Cancellation Policy

All reservations will require a 72-hour notice of cancellation. Renters failing to cancel within this timeframe will forfeit their security deposit in full.  


Any deliveries for scheduled events must take place during rental period for the event, as UUCH cannot assume responsibility for these deliveries outside of that time frame.


Rentals shall not drive nails, hooks, tacks, or screws into any part of the premises. Generally, all decorating must be freestanding. In no case, will the facility be defaced, marred or permanently altered. Scotch, masking, duct tapes and glue are not allowed on any surface. All other adhesives must be approved. Glitter, confetti, sand, or any substance that causes litter or debris inside the facility or on the grounds is prohibited.

Parking in handicapped spaces, service or fire lanes, and parking along roads (NC 10 and Lawrence) are all strictly prohibited. Fire lanes must remain clear and free of all vehicles except emergency vehicles at all times. Handicapped parking is available only to those with the appropriate license tag or temporary designation issued.

Noise limitations – all renters should keep the noise associated with their event at a level that is respectful of our church neighbors as well as other events happening at the same time in the church.

Signage/Advertising: All signage and advertising for meetings or events should be in accordance with county standards and should only be placed on UUCH property within 24 hours prior to any meeting or event, and then removed immediately afterwards.  [This includes long-term rental groups that meet on a regular basis–whether weekly or monthly.]


Updated 07/05/22