February 17 – Repairing Broken Trust

When trust is broken, we are wounded, and wounds leave scars. There are many scars and wounds caused by racism, in the past and now. This morning we reflect on our Unitarian Universalist history of racial tension, and how we might take steps to create the trust we wish we had.  Rev. Patty Hanneman and … Continued

February 3 – The Anatomy of Trust

What does it mean to trust someone?  What does it mean to trust yourself? Based on the work of Brene’ Brown, this morning we explore this most basic need for psychological safety.  Rev. Patty Hanneman and Stefan Anders

January 27 – A Hidden Wholeness

This morning we continue on the theme of possibility as a Unitarian Universalist value, and what it might mean for our congregation.  Rev. Patty Hanneman and Marian Anders

January 20th – A Celebration of Creativity and the Arts

We celebrate our own UUCH collective creativity and talent in our annual service filled with singing, instrumental music, poetry, visual art, and more.  Come and share in the joy, and in appreciation of some of our many talented, creative, and inspired members in their performances.  Coordinated by David Yelton, Aviva Enoch, and Mickey Reed.

January 13 – A People of Possibility

The theme of possibility is central to our faith, having distinguished Unitarian Universalists from the start. Historically, when others saw depravity and sin at the core of human identity, we saw potential. Rev. Patty Hanneman and Marian Anders

January 6 – Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Sometimes in order to seek what we imagine will bring us joy, we have to take a risk. Risk is often uncomfortable What are you willing to risk in 2019 in pursuit of joy and deeper meaning? Allison Mahaley and Marian Anders

December 30 – Ending and Beginnings

This is our annual commemoration of those who have died and those who were born in 2018.  There will also be time for sharing outstanding events in the past year.  Pal Palmore & Mickey Reed.

December 23 – Everything Shimmers

We are often obsessed with trying to eff the ineffable.  What would happen if we just let the Mystery be, and the mystic in each of us to become?   A celebration of the Winter Solstice.  Rev. Patty Hanneman & Mickey Reed.