December 9 – A Celebration of Creativity and the Arts

We celebrate our own UUCH collective creativity and talent in our annual service filled with singing, instrumental music, poetry and art. Come and share in the joy and support some of our many talented, creative, and inspired members in performance.  Coordinated by David Yelton, Aviva Enoch and Mickey Reed.

November 25 – Festival of Candlelight

From the dimmest dawning of history, the people of the Northern Hemisphere believed that by lighting candles and fires in mid-winter they would coax the light to return.  Many cultures, and many religions, still use the lighting of candles as a special observance at this time of year. Our Festival of Candlelight is an annual … Continued

November 18 – Sankofa

Sankofa is an Akan word that translates as “return and collect it.” Sankofa reminds us of the need to search through the groves of the past and to bring back its lessons, principles and stories as seeds for the future.  This morning we reflect on our congregational heritage as it relates to what we want … Continued

November 11 – The Things They Carried

In his book, The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brian questions the role that imagination plays in helping to form our memories and our own versions of truth about war in particular, and our lives in general.  We will reflect on his work in honor of Veteran’s Day. Rev. Patty Hanneman and Jasper Becker.

November 4 – Why are congregants happier people?

All the surveys agree that people who go to church or congregations are happier people.  We will discuss the various theories and reasons for this happy finding.  Pal Palmore and Stefan Anders.

October 28 – Thin Places, Sacred Spaces

Whether you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, or All Souls Day, this is the time of year when the “veil of the worlds” between the living and the dead is thought to be at its thinnest. As is our tradition, people are invited to bring mementos of loved ones that have … Continued

October 21 – Seeing Others Into Being

We are all fashioned uniquely, each endowed with abilities that bring fulfillment and wholeness, as well as disabilities that bring feelings of isolation and incompleteness.   This morning we celebrate this diversity of life experience, and reflect on the transforming power of invitation, affirmation and love.  Mickey Reed, members & friends of UUCH

October 14 – Sanctuary and Stumbling Stone

Most of us first experience our communities of faith as places of sanctuary for our spirits – a foundational rock that holds us. But often that very rock can to get inour way and we stumble over what once sustained us.  Rev. Patty Hanneman and Stefan Anders.

October 7 – A Blessing of the Animals

Bring your furry or feathery friend for a service honoring the animals in our lives. Rev. Holly Lux-Sullivan will offer blessings for pets, present and past (there will be an altar for photos), as well as for those animals that feed, support, and work with us. Rev. Holly Lux-Sullivan with Stefan Anders as Worship Associate. … Continued

September 30 – Turbulence is Coming

The Rev. John Pavlovich will be our guest speaker this morning.  Heralded as a new rising star of the religious left, Rev. Pavlovich has become well known though his blog site, “Stuff That Needs To Be Said.”  He has just published a new book, A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community. This morning Rev. Pavlovich … Continued