Love Resists NC

There are three foundational tenets to building an effective resistance movement in North Carolina: living in covenant, building community, and providing sanctuary.

Living in Covenant:  Living in covenant means promising to be kind, open, and understanding with one another as we learn to tear down walls and build bridges in new, unfamiliar ways. Through covenantal relationships, we listen and learn from others. We open our hearts and heads to new ideas and ways of being. Being in covenant means rooting our relationships in love.

Building Community:  To most people, community means their neighborhood, or their church or group of friends. What if community actually meant more than that – what if our communities were built on inclusivity and mutual aid. What if we all committed to building strong and broad communities rooted in the “beloved community” concept?

Providing Sanctuary:  When the world seems to be full of hate, the best way to resist is to practice love without hesitation and with open hearts. When we are able to love in this way, we can create sanctuary in our homes, in our communities, and in our institutions. Creating true sanctuary, or safe and brave spaces, will take all of us being our best selves. This concept is best explained by the American Friends Service Committee in their “Sanctuary Everywhere” campaign.


Why love? 

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “There is power in love.” He also said, “Love without power is sentimental and anemic.” If we are going to wage an effective resistance to the vitriol and divisive rhetoric and policies being currently pursued, we must root that resistance in love-radical love for one another and for all our neighbors – especially those who are marginalized. We must create sanctuary everywhere.

Why Resistance?

We must build a resistance because the bigotry and hate are being normalized – again.

Solidarity can only be achieved by living in covenant, building community, and providing sanctuary – by realizing we all need these things in order to heal our world.

By joining the LoveResistsNC movement, you agree to work toward solidarity and commit to some training around building capacity for action on immigration, refugee resettlement, and criminal justice reform. This training last 4 hours and is delivered in two parts. The first is a brief introduction to racial construct and accurate history as well as feelings of peoples’ attachment to place and space. The second part is focused on the trauma inflicted by racialized culture to all people and how we begin to heal – inspiring people to form study, support, and action groups that are congregational or community based.

If you are interested in learning more or if you have a group that would like to join the movement, click LoveResistsNC to register.