Rev. Patty Hanneman

8Patty was raised in the Lutheran church in rural Minnesota and brings the ethical and spiritual teachings of Jesus to her ministry, as well as the prophetic voice of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Several years of feminist neo-pagan experience also shape her sermons and teachings.Patty began her ministry with us in September 2008 following her ordination into the Unitarian Universalist ministry that August.  Prior to her seminary training at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, she served as the Education Coordinator for the Transfusion Medicine Department and as a faculty member of the School of Medical Technology at Duke University.  In addition to her Masters of Divnity degree from Meadville Lombard, Patty earned an M.A. in Liberal Studies from Duke University where she focused on women’s studies, cultural anthropology and religion.153

“In my personal life I strive to live more soulfully and be more relevant to the communities in which I live and work.  As a religious leader I encourage my congregation to aspire to this as well.  I love the philosophy of social activist Emma Goldman as she declares, ‘I don’t want to be part of any revolution where there isn’t dancing!’  Our lives and the communities in which we serve should be filled with both justice seeking and celebration.  What I love best about UUCH is that we strive to create this balance.”

Patty lives with her partner, Karen, in Durham, NC.  She has two grown children, Russ and Kellie, and grandchildren, Amelia, Makaila, Benson and Hudson.