ANNUAL WALK FOR HUNGER — O.C.I.M. (Orange Congregations in Mission)

April 28 2019—2:00 PM
Please get ready once again to help support our commitment as a member congregation of OCIM to fight hunger in Northern Orange County by participating in this year’s annual “Walk for Hunger” event.
For this year, there will be a special emphasis on “Children Helping Children”, by having as many of the youth as possible from each member congregation actually participating in the march—along with their teachers, parents, and congregational leaders—as a way of realizing and recognizing that over 2400
children and their families in Orange County were served (with food, clothing, and other essentials) by the Samaritan Relief Ministry of OCIM during this past year of 2018.
Further announcements and reminders will be forthcoming in the next few weeks—online, and at our Sunday services, and at our Wednesday night TTOWN dinners. Sign-up sheets for sponsorship will be made available at each service or dinner. All of our individual sponsorship sheets for fundraising will be collected before the march and combined to represent our collective effort as the “Youth Group of UUCH” to compete in this year’s “Youth Group Challenge” with other youth groups from other member congregations for recognition and awards.
So, to express your interest in participating, or for further information, please contact David Yelton,
our OCIM Representative for 2019, either at upcoming Sunday or Wednesday services, or via email: .