Click here to enjoy the sermon offered today kicking off our annual pledge drive.

To make your pledge you can mail back the pledge card you received with the brochure and letter, or you can use the form on this page.

Below is the Letter sent from the Governance Council on March 6, 2020:

Dear members and friends,

As you already know, UUCH is a spiritual home for our members, friends, and visitors. It is a beacon of hope for those aligned with our liberal religious mission and values.

This fiscal year we have had effective community partnerships that are rooted in justice, engaging worship services and children’s programming, and new groups that connect us in deeper ways. We have also implemented the beginning phases of our latest strategic plan, which was approved in 2019.

Our vision for 2020-21 is to create a more interconnected community of members within our congregation and to increase our capacity for community outreach. Our budget reflects these priorities. Your generous support will make this possible.

Fiscal Year 2020-21 begins July 1, 2020.  As we plan to actualize our priorities as stated above, the Governance Council seeks to fund the budget developed by the congregational leadership.  Your role in actualizing this vision is to commit, through your financial pledge, to fund this budget.  Please join us for the worship service on March 15, 2020 when the Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson will kick-off this year’s pledge campaign.  We build our budget based on pledges, so your support is vital to our fiscal health; therefore, please plan to return your pledge card prior to April 1.  Contributions from members and friends comprise over 90% of our income.

Our budget goal for 2020-21 is $140,000. One major goal is to increase the funding for our current staff. This includes fair compensation for our childcare workers, music coordinator, and sexton, and the addition of a part time programs administrator.  A programs administrator will support the work of our minister and team leadership in multiple ways that will help us stay connected and coordinated.

We also have some improvement projects that we would like to fund this year, including grading in the parking lot and improving the sound system for the sanctuary. These two improvements will make our building and services more accessible.  We also emphasize the need to add a budget line for putting aside savings into our reserve funds to pay for long range expenses in the future. Please see the enclosed pamphlet for more details.

For those who are able to give more, your generosity translates to a stronger, more vibrant UUCH.  We understand that an increase isn’t possible for every household, and that’s okay. But, if you appreciate what’s happening at UUCH and are able, please seriously consider increasing your annual gift.

Reverend Patty has recently shared with the Governance Council her intention to retire in June of 2021, at the end of our next fiscal year.  Her retirement does NOT impact the 2020-21 program planning or budget cycle. We are so appreciative of her consideration to share this news with us in ample time to make wise decisions about this transition and to plan accordingly.

A member of the Governance Council will be calling you between March 15 and April 1 to discuss your pledge, your relationship with UUCH, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

In faith and service,

The GovCo