E-News July 14

Love RESISTS Upcoming Services: July 16 – Finding the Wow in Every Day If you find yourself getting caught up in day-to-day minutiae or answering your phone and email even on vacation, join affiliated community minister Rev. Holly Lux-Sullivan to rediscover and celebrate the little miracles in your life. Rev. Holly Lux-Sullivan with Marian Anders as Worship Associate First Sunday Brunches … Continued

E-News: July 7

Upcoming Services: July 9 – A Name, A Difference (video-taped sermon from General Assembly) We come into our UU communities to do some good, as we make friends and grow our souls.  What other motivations might we bring with us, and which ones do we need to check at the door?  What difference do we … Continued

E-News: June 30

Upcoming Services: July 2 – Credo and General Assembly Reflections What do Unitarian Universalists believe and how do we live out our faith? This morning Ron Belcher will share his credo with us, demonstrating the theological diversity of our congregation.  Aimee Tattersall and Linda Seligman will share their reflections of the happenings at General Assembly, the … Continued

E-News: June 23

Upcoming Services: June 25 – The Happiness Project, Revisited Five years ago, Rev. Patty embarked on a journey to bring more happiness into her life through the two principles outlined in Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project – considering what truly brings joy and committing to doing more of that, and considering what stands in … Continued

E-News: June 16

Upcoming Services: June 18 – Summer Solstice Celebration We will celebrate Summer Solstice and Father’s Day with chanting and energy work as we build safe spaces in our hearts and souls.  Melisande Timblin, Stephanie Taylor, Rev. Patty Hanneman. June 25 – The Happiness Project, Revisited Five years ago, Rev. Patty embarked on a journey to … Continued

E-News: June 9

Upcoming Service: June 11 – Changing the World With Joy E.B. White once wrote, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day.”  In today’s social and political climate, must we choose between seeking justice and … Continued

E-news: June 2

Upcoming Service: June 4 – Bridging Ceremony for Evan Woody Religious ceremonies marking the transition from childhood to young adult are as old as history, designed to help youth learn about themselves and prepare for adulthood.  This Sunday we celebrate Evan Woody as he shares his statement of faith with us in musical form.  This abbreviated … Continued

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina

  Some Updates from the Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina     Our Legislators In Raleigh: NC lawmaking is a little like growing mold. It flourishes best in the dank darkness of night. By now, most of us are well aware that two weeks ago, the state Senate, once again, shamefully and vindictively passed … Continued

E-News: May 26

Upcoming Service: May 28 – Landscapes of Aging UUCH members reflect on embodying the experience of aging and the spirituality of aging.  Alternately tender and frank, funny and wistful, these heartfelt ruminations offer companionship for those walking and embracing the journey of later life.  Rev. Patty Hanneman, Joanne Dobbs, Pal Palmore, Barbara Green. UUCH Memorial Day Weekend … Continued

E-news: May 19

Upcoming Service: May 21 – In Praise of the Erotic How many of us treat our bodies with the lavishness they deserve?  What does it mean to treat our bodies like the temples they really are?  Do we truly appreciate the body’s sensuality that helps us love and feel loved?  This morning we reflect on these … Continued