Pastoral care is not just about helping people through crisis.  It is one of the ways we “do church” by building relationships.  There are lots of reasons you might want to others in our congregation.  As we have ministers and pastoral care teams, please consider if any of these matters may guide you to reach out to us:

  • When you haven’t met me yet, but would like to.
  • When you have problems you’d like to discuss, concerning your children, your job, your marriage, or anything else where a sympathetic ear might be of help.
  • When you’re going in the hospital or know someone else in the congregation who is.
  • When someone close to you has died or is critically ill.
  • When you’re planning to be married, or wish you could be.
  • When you have a child to be dedicated.
  • When you’re pregnant but wish you weren’t.
  • When you, or a friend or neighbor would like more information about the Unitarian Universalist faith.
  • When you’re considering joining the congregation.
  • When you’d like to show me what a good cook you are!
  • When you have suggestions to make about programs for the Fellowship.
  • When you have suggestions for a sermon.
  • When you’d like help with committee work or with other congregational activities.
  • When there are community issues you’d like to discuss or would like me to be involved with.
  • When you’re mad at me.
  • When you appreciate something I’ve said or done.
  • When you’d like to talk religion with me.
  • When you’d like to talk parenting with me – as a parent, or as a child.
  • When you’ve had good news and want to share it.
  • When you’ve had bad news.
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • When you want to tell me your history with the congregation.
  • When you want to spend more time with the children and youth.
  • When you’ve heard a great joke and want to share it.

This list is adapted from an essay by the Rev. Dr. Peter Lee Scott, circa 1957

You may contact and our pastoral care team will be in touch.