This 6-session “UUCH Basics” classes are open anyone interested in UUCH. These classes are required for the path to membership in the congregation. Because we are a covenantal organization, it is imperative that all members have a deep understanding of our practices and priorities. While we are open and welcoming, living up to our UU values is a life-long journey. These short, informative classes will take place from 12:00-12:45 on Sundays.

October 13 session 1 Worship and Religious Exploration (RE) led by Reverend Patty Hanneman

October 20 session 2 Living as Covenanted Community HCT member

October 27 session 3 Faith in Action and Community Engagement  Allison Mahaley, Team Lead for Faith in Action

November 3 session 4 Our Governance, Policies, and Ministry Linda Seligman, Moderator

November 10 session 5 Responsibilities of Membership Alicia Volkheimer, Treasurer

November 17 session 6 Wrap-Up and Signing the Book Wendy Dell, Team Lead for Congregational Life