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alertAction Alert!
Negotiation with Owners of “Mobile Home Park A” 
Wednesday, June 17, 5:00 pm

***Please arrive 20 mins early to get connected to interpretation, etc***

Hosted Via Zoom
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Neighborhood leaders from a second mobile home park (“Mobile Home Park A”) are now ready to meet with the park owner and are requesting the support of 60+ Justice United members on the call.

Leaders from Mobile Home Park A will be meeting with the park owner on Wednesday, June 17, at 5:00 pm to present their priority concerns and to ask the owner to commit to specific solutions to address those concerns.

The concerns include an upcoming rent increase in the midst of a pandemic, and unsafe conditions with the septic systems, roads, and hazardous trees.

This park is owned by a large capital investment firm based in Charlotte. The firm’s subsidiary directly controls the park, and is one of only four publicly-traded companies in the manufactured housing sector.

Because of the size of both the park and the company, each Justice United institution is asked to deliver at least 10 members to the action. Members will be asked to observe only.

Leaders: please ask everyone to confirm their attendance via this link. A Zoom link and a detailed briefing sheet agenda will be sent to all who confirm.


On Tuesday, April 28, 51 Justice United leaders met to hear proposals for action to address serious health and safety concerns at three local mobile home parks.

Teams of leaders from three local mobile home parks have been working with St. Thomas More and the Chapel of the Cross to participate in Justice United’s listening campaign. Now their goal is to meet with the owners of each park to negotiate a win/win solution. It’s a sensitive time in this campaign, and they need our support!

Leaders from every institution are asked to organize 10 members from their congregation to attend and support each negotiation.

Please see below for a brief summaries of the issues and upcoming negotiations to use a resource for recruiting within your institution.

Summary of Issues in Each Mobile Home Park

Residents from each park have formed community leadership teams which have prioritized the following top concerns:

– Park A (meeting Wed., June 17, 5:00 pm) is calling for the owner to not raise the rent (as the owners are planning to do in August) because of families’ serious financial difficulties during the pandemic and because of the park’s unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Leaders are also calling for the owner to address those unsafe conditions: to repair septic systems with permanent standing septic water and strong foul odors, repair a road so full of potholes that children can’t ride bikes, and remove sick and weakened trees that are hanging over residents’ homes.

– Park B met with the owner on Wed., June 3, calling for the owner to provide clear information and timelines about a new well, install water softeners as the hard water has ruined residents’ boilers and toilets, forgive debt that has accumulated because of inaccurate accounting and miscommunication and which has already been forgiven to some white non-Hispanic residents, ensure responsive communication from the management company, and provide dumpsters for trash service. The owner agreed to some of the requests, is looking into others, and committed to meet again with the residents and Justice United by mid-July.

– Park C residents, especially hard-hit by COVID-19 job loss, are calling for the owner to provide a 50% discount and waive late payment fees while COVID-19 effects last, not raise the rent (owners are planning a 25% increase July 1), stop the current manager’s threats against residents for organizing, and prevent the eviction of a leader who was targeted for organizing.

A Justice United research team learned that two of the park owners are wealthy real estate investors based in Charlotte, with multi-million dollar properties. The company that owns Park A renovated a historic mansion as their office with a wrought-iron fence likely the same cost as repairing a septic system that would ensure parents don’t have to worry about keeping their kids away from sewage water.

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fathers dayTo all the dads in the congregation:

Next week’s service will have a Father’s Day theme.  We would love to have pictures of you with your offspring to use in the service.   Please choose one current photo and one photo from the past.  Email your photos to avivaenoch501@gmail.com no later than noon on Wednesday, June 17.  Thanks very much!