iving Our Faith Through Action

1) Purpose

The purpose of the LOFTA Team is to motivate and organize our congregation to carry our values into our community and beyond through advocacy, witness, service, education, and community organizing.

2) How the team supports the mission of UUCH

Organizes activities and events that encourage living out our values in the public sphere.

3) Responsibilities

– Plan quarterly Community Forums that address justice issues affecting our community. Advertise the Forums widely throughout northern Orange County.

– Coordinate member participation in events such as the Walk for Hunger, Gay Pride events in Durham and Alamance Counties, MLK Day events, and the HKonJ march in Raleigh.

– Inform members of denominational justice initiatives through the Standing on the Side of Love program. Coordinate travel with other local congregations for participation in national/regional events.

– Facilitate study group on the UUA’s common read each year.

– Educate the congregation about GA decisions, including study action items, and Actions of Immediate Witness.

– Coordinate an annual service project with each existing service team.

– Coordinate activities with community organizing groups approved by the Governance Council, such as Justice United, NAACP, and Americans United.