Membership Development Workshop Series

UUCH is committed to providing the information and skills needed to help members and friends as they take on increasing levels of commitment and responsibility. We encourage you to attend any workshop, regardless of how long you’ve been a member, so we can provide opportunities for bringing newer and more established UUCHers together for open exchange on these topics. UUCH Basics and UUCH Churchworks are 90-minute Sunday afternoon sessions with childcare provided.   UUCH Core Leadership is a 5-session class. Please check our e-news or Sunday news bulletin for session schedules.
UUCH Basics: What it means to become a member of UUCH, including the rights, rites, and responsibilities of membership.

UUCH Church Works: Using the SHAPE concept (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experience), this workshop will help members and friends explore the gifts we all bring to our community and how these gifts can be nurtured at UUCH.

UUCH Core Leadership: A workshop designed to help leaders “move to the balcony” to gain perspective on congregation-wide leadership, as well as having a deeper understanding of our UUCH governance structure.