The Lower Elementary Room is currently following the Wonderful Welcome, a UUA Tapestry of Faith curriculum.  

Wonderful Welcome will:

  • Expand children’s understanding of their relationships with others, including people they know, people they will meet and all life that shares our planet
  • Create opportunities for children to identify and practice a wide variety of welcoming behaviors; activate children’s capacity to welcome many manifestations of the interconnected web of life, including people, animals and the natural environment
  • Teach children the concept of “intangible gifts,” qualities that can be shared but cannot be seen or held
  • Teach the importance of welcoming as an act of Unitarian Universalist faith and as an expression of our Unitarian Universalist Principles
  • Develop and enrich children’s sense of belonging to their religious education peer community, their congregational community and the larger Unitarian Universalist faith community
  • Introduce practices of stewardship
  • Help children create a shared atmosphere that encourages a sense of reverence, awe, gratitude and wonder.

    Sessions of “Wonderful Welcome” curriculum

Session 1: The Gift Of Love

Session 2: The Gift Of Covenant

Session 3: The Gift Of Forgiveness

Session 4: The Gift Of Kindness

Session 5: The Gift Of Invitation

Session 6: The Gift Of Friends

Session 7: The Gift Of Helping

Session 8: The Gift Of Families

Session 9: The Gift of Mutual Caring

Session 10: The Gift Of Protection

Session 11: The Gift Of Stewardship

Session 12: The Gift Of Acceptance

Session 13: The Gift Of Learning Together

Session 14: The Gift Of Spirit

Session 15: The Gift Of Ourselves

Session 16: The Gift Of Community



Over the summer sessions we worked as a team with the other UUCH RE classes on making our puppet for the Hillsborough Hand Made Puppet Parade!

To learn more about the parade follow the link below.

Hillsborough’s 6th Handmade Puppet Parade