Cultivate your commitment and find your joy in parenting through UU values and practices. Join the Parenting Chalice Circle led by Reverend Patty Hanneman.

Beginning this fall, we would love to help support your role as a parent of a child or youth involved in our religious exploration program.  Reverend Patty Hanneman invites you to our monthly Chalice Circle, specifically for parents of children aged 0-18, where we can reflect on what it means to be spiritual guides for our children.  Rev. Patty will serve as facilitator for the group.

From Rev. Patty:

In the decades I’ve been involved teaching religious education, I’ve found that the lessons we teach the children on Sunday mornings are important, but the primary teaching happens with you, in everyday life.  The rituals, celebrations and practices you create at home help make the challenges and trials of your children possible because of the resources you offer to them as their parents. Let’s learn from one another as we do the difficult work of raising happy, healthy, ethical children together as a community of faith.

Tentative Schedule (check the UUCH Calendar for the latest):

  • September 8 – Sharing our Parenting Pilgrimages
  • October 13 – Stages of Faith Development
  • November 10 – Instilling Wonder
  • December 8 – Practicing Courage
  • January 12 – Seeking Justice
  • February – Defining Faith
  • March 8 – Practicing Rituals and Celebrations
  • April 12 – Keeping Children Safe at UUCH
  • May 10 – Closing Celebration

We will meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month, gathering at 9 am in the green yurt (pictured above!) for a simple potluck breakfast (1st one will be provided for you), and the Circle will begin at 9:15. 

Contact Reverend Patty to register and find out more.