Minister’s Musings, April 28th

Dear Members and Friends of UUCH,

I’ve been thinking a lot about transition this past week.  Our theme for worship, small group discussions, and Soulful Home activities for families during the month of May is thresholds which seems particularly appropriate as we begin thinking about leaving our safe home spaces to begin the process of social and economic recovery.  Governor Cooper has suggested North Carolina may begin relaxing stay-at-home orders by May 9th.  Regardless of when these orders are lifted, it will then be a minimum two-month process of easing those restrictions, and “return” to what Cooper considers to be our “new normal.”

This has been, and will continue to be for some time, a threshold moment for the world, transitionthe nation, and our beloved community.  A threshold moment is a time during which we don’t simply make a change, but we become something entirely new.  How will we be transformed through this experience?  How can we begin to imagine a new beginning of being in community?

Please join us for Sunday worship as we explore this theme from several angles.  We’ll begin by reflecting on the threshold of safe space, and then celebrate Mother’s Day by focusing on the unique threshold of becoming a parent.  We’ll also reflect on thresholds we call rites of passage, such as the transition our youth are making into adulthood through our Coming of Age program.  

We also hope you are meeting virtually with your ministry circles, if you are able, to stay connected and explore the theme of thresholds with your group, if your facilitator is using that for your discussions.

I so look forward to the day we can all greet one another at the threshold of our sanctuary again.  Until then, please stay safe and be well.

In faith,

Rev. Patty