Minister’s Musings; June 17th, 2020

Dear UUCH Members and Friends,

Yesterday evening, in the midst of all the rain, several members from the Ministry Council, Worship Team and Buildings and Grounds Team met on the UUCH grounds to begin envisioning what it might look like to begin meeting in an outdoor space.  It felt good to be together and to start generating some ideas and energy around what we might do together and how it might happen and what it might look like.  One of the participants said to me, “You’ve been thinking about this a lot!”   Yes, I have.

In the past two weeks our Circle leaders have organized Zoom meetings to ask members what you’ve missed about our community these past few months and what you would like to see in the future.  About 25 members participated in these conversations.  What became clear from your responses is that you miss the opportunity to see one another in person, but that you are also anxious that gatherings may put people at risk.  We are well aware that in North Carolina, COVID-19 infections continue to rise, and that is of grave concern.

The Ministry Council will meet this week to begin looking at your responses in light of appropriate guidelines based on the best scientific knowledge we have about safe practices.  Once these guidelines are in place, they will be posted on the grounds and in the building, and we ask that all groups meeting on the grounds follow the guidelines as posted.  We hope to have more details about these guidelines and a proposed plan for summer and fall programming and events by the end of this month.  What we do know at this point is that no assembling will happen in the building for the foreseeable future.  All gatherings will be on the grounds.

We recognize that you will all have various levels of comfort about in-person gatherings.  Our first priority is keeping everyone safe and well.  We want to honor your various comfort levels with a commitment to maintaining a robust on-line presence, so you can feel as connected as possible with whatever level of involvement you are comfortable with.

I want to thank all of you who have given voice to the needs and concerns of our community these past few weeks.   In an organization where our relationships are our most important asset, this is difficult but important work.  

In Faith,

Rev. Patty