Minister’s Mutterings, July 29, 2020

Dear UUCH Members and Friends,

Plans are underway for a phased re-opening of programming this fall.  Although we presented this information at the Committee of the Whole meeting in June, I know many of you were not able to attend, so below is a brief overview of current plans.

All group meetings and events will take place outdoors until further notice.  We have posted meeting guidelines (bring your own chairs, food, beverage, masks) near the Memorial Gardens and on doors to the building.  We encourage you to use the grounds for small group meetings of up to 10 people.  You can use the parking lot, the Memorial Gardens, the 7 Principles meditation walk, the broad cleared area behind the Memorial Gardens, or anywhere you choose.  

A staging area will be built in the area behind the Memorial Gardens for congregation-wide gatherings.  We will have a portable sound system that will provide amplification from the stage, and we will mark off spaces for people to sit, assuring that speakers and singers are at least 20 feet from any participants.  

Our first congregation-wide event is planned for Saturday, August 15th, at 6 pm.  This live-music social event will be held in the cleared area behind the Memorial Gardens.

Our Ingathering worship service will be held Sunday, September 13thIt may be scheduled earlier in the morning or later in the day when it’s cooler.  We will keep you posted as to the actual time.  This will also be held in the cleared area behind the Memorial Gardens.  Save and bring your water!!! 

Our experience of these events will help us determine how our guidelines are working, how to fine-tune future events, and what our bandwidth is for planning events.  My best guess is that at least through the fall, there will be one outdoor worship service each month, plus possibly 2 or 3 congregation-wide social events.  All staged events will be transmitted by a radio frequency so that if you have accessibility or safety concerns you can remain in your car during the event.

Our on-line presence will continue!  One of the things we’ve learned during the past few months is how important our on-line presence has been to our members, so we will continue putting all our worship services on-line, including those we have on the grounds.  

Parents – although children and youth are also invited to attend the congregation-wide events, the RE Team feels the need to have more information about how people are responding to the guidelines, and more work by the Ministry Council in fine-tuning the gatherings, before planning for children and youth can happen.  Keep in mind that the playground will remain closed through the summer and most likely the fall.  Most likely programming for children and youth will consist of a combination of parent-led meet-ups that will focus on play, socializing and service projects in small groups, in outdoor spaces.  Youth may engage in the on-line “crossing paths” curriculum.

Be safe, be well, be blessed,

Rev. Patty