Speaker: Rev. Patty Hanneman

March 19: Equinox Celebration

As Spring reaches its midpoint on March 20th, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase.  It is a time to celebrate a re-awakening of ourselves after a long winter, for new growth and creativity, and for stretching our lives in … read more.

March 12: A Walk into the Wilderness

Last month we talked about the importance of creating a strong sense of identity.  But what happens when the identity that has served us no longer fits, or needs major adjustments?  This morning we reflect on the emotional risk of redefining ourselves.  Rev. Patty Hanneman … read more.

March 5 – Reflections on Risk

Each month we lift up a unique value or human quality that our faith calls us to live and lean into.  These themes remind us of who Unitarian Universalists uniquely are.  Our March theme is “RISK.” Rev. Patty Hanneman

Note: This shorter service will be followed … read more.

December 18: Winter Solstice Celebration

Join us for the dance of the seasons, poetry, other readings, and reflections on the value of a season of darkness and fallowness. Rev. Patty Hanneman with help from our Worship Associates and Storytellers Guild members.