Sunday Service: July 19, 2020

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A Compassion Revolution

Gathering Music Gather the Spirit
David Yelton  #347
Welcome Rev. Patty Hanneman
Lighting the Chalice
Call to Worship Committed to Respond, by Lynn Harrison
Opening Hymn Meditation on Breathing   #1009
Aviva Enoch
Greetings Aimee Tattersall
Joys, Sorrows and Milestones Rev. Patty Hanneman
Reading Fierce Urgency, by Ashley Horan
Special Music We Shall be Known, by Ma Muse
Heather Craft, Aviva Enoch, AJ Mayhew
Homily A Compassion Revolution
Lou Gadol
Closing Hymn Building Bridges    #1023
Heather Craft, Aviva Enoch
Extinguishing the Chalice Rev. Patty Hanneman
Musical Benediction Be Safe, Be Well, by Dan Berggren
David Yelton

We share our plate offerings this month with Orange Justice United, our local broad-based community organizing group.  Please support them (and UUCH) generously by making a one-time monthly donation through our website at  Thank you!

Special announcement: The 5th Monday of each month, UUCH feeds the hungry in Northern Orange through a “no forms required” food distribution program called “Food for All.” Sherri Woody is the coordinator of this effort. Learn more and Please sign up to help by clicking here.


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