Sunday Service: June 14th, 2020

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Love Lifts Us

Gathering Music Come, Sing a Song With Me
Virtual SongbUUrds.
Welcome Rev. Patty Hanneman
Lighting the Chalice
Call to Worship  #434
Opening Hymn There is more Love   #95
Heather Craft, Aviva Enoch, AJ Mayhew, Terry Schneider, David Yelton
Lighting the Chalice Wendy Calvin
Joys, Sorrows and Milestones
Reading Not Enough Candles, by Sean Neil-Barron
Anna Jean Mayhew
Meditation Music Comfort Me  #1002
Aviva Enoch (piano + vocals)
Homily Love Lifts Us
Rev. Patty Hanneman
Closing Music We Would Be One   #318
Allison Ralph & David Yelton, vocals
Aviva on piano.
Extinguishing the Chalice Prayer for a Time in Need of Empathy, by Tanya Cothran Rev. Patty Hanneman
Musical Benediction  Be Safe, Be Well, by Dan Berggren
David Yelton

We share our plate offerings this month with Orange Justice United, our local broad-based community organizing group.  Please support them (and UUCH) generously by making a one-time monthly donation through our website at  Thank you!


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Special support for one another during the pandemic:

As a congregation during these challenging times of COVID-19, we have come up with creative ways to continue our Sunday services (online—Facebook), and to connect with each other (through Neighborhood Circle Zoom meetings).  We are indeed coming up with numerous ways to support each other in emotional, spiritual, and healthful ways while coping with the challenges and fears associated with this pandemic. 

However, several of us have also recently become more aware that some of our UUCH members may also be struggling more financially/economically than we may have imagined, or that they have made known to anyone else. So we began thinking about what we could do as a UUCH family to further expand our support network also to include some emergency financial assistance. 

After much discussion, we have decided that the quickest and most efficient way to establish and manage a special “UUCH  COVID-19 financial-aid fund” would be to use the already existing “Minister’s Discretionary Fund.”   That existing “Fund” is usually fairly small—maybe just a few hundred dollars—fed primarily by a portion of each 5th-Sunday collection-plate, and used as a small helping hand for individuals or families with a relatively small immediate need. 

What we propose now for the immediate future would be for a much more substantial “Minister’s Discretionary Fund”—better funded through larger direct donations by any members willing to contribute over and beyond their regular yearly UUCH pledge. With these more robust funds, temporary financial support could be provided to any UUCH individuals or families who have recently suffered serious income loss that has begun to have a destabilizing effect on their household or health.  To receive such funds, individuals or families would contact Patty and explain their circumstances so that necessary emergency funds could be provided quickly, efficiently, and discretely.   

Therefore, this is an urgent call for UUCH members to help quickly beef up the “Minister’s Discretionary Fund so that none of our members will be financially suffering beyond their ability to cope during these uncertain times.  Contributions (checks, online giving, etc.) made for this purpose should clearly indicate that it is for the “Minister’s Discretionary Fund”. To contribute online through the UUCH website (UUCHNC.ORG),  simply click on “Give” (on top right), then click on the orange “Donate” button,  then in the drop-down menu choose “Minister’s Discretionary Fund”, and follow the instructions.