Update on our donations to the O.C.I.M. Food Pantry

Our UUCH goal for this summer is to contribute a total of 50 lbs. per month and continuing through the rest of 2019. Our total for the month of July was 35 lbs. That is a really good start, but we could easily reach the monthly goal of 50-lb. goal if each attending member brings in just ONE CAN (or approx 1 lb.) of food per month, or an equivalent weight of soap, lotions, shampoo, etc.).
It’s so EASY PEASY to do! Simply bring canned goods (like stews, soups, vegetables, fruits, etc.; and/or personal care products—toothpaste, soaps. lotion, shampoo, etc.). Our collected UUCH donations are weighed each time we deliver them to OCIM, and those donations are recorded by the total weight contributed each month. Please keep that in mind as you select what you want to contribute. [FYI: Bags of cotton-balls, or boxes of Q-tips don’t weigh very much at all!!]
So simply bring in your donations for The OCIM Food Pantry and place them in the OCIM-labeled baskets provided in our foyer under the name-tag table. They will then be delivered to OCIM at the end of each month for our “official weigh-in!”
O.C.I.M. (Orange Congregations in Mission) serves many people in need in Northern Orange County with several important programs: Meals on Wheels, The Thrift Shop, and Samaritan Relief Ministry Food Pantry). Even if you CAN’T be a driver for Meals on Wheels, or a volunteer worker in The Thrift Shop, each of you CAN contribute food and personal care products to the Food Pantry.

Thank you for your participation and generosity!
David Yelton
UUCH Representative to OCIM for2019