1521712_602929913077556_362126065_n At UUCH we celebrate a wide variety of holidays and celebrations during the year that reflect the diversity of our members and friends. Our Lovefeast and Candlemas Service on Christmas Eve is a favorite among many in our community.  Other important events include our Ingathering Service each fall, our Easter Sunday celebration of new members and child dedications each spring, and our Coming of Age Service as summer begins. We celebrate the turning of the year as we cast the circle for solstices and equinoxes. We honor our Jewish heritage with a time of reflection and reconciliation during the ten days that connect Rosh Hashanah with Yom Kippur. Each of these special times together give shape to our common life and expression to our most deeply held values.



Ministerial Services1090938_732074953496384_5455856057314741491_o

Our minister, The Rev. Patty Hanneman, is available to help you celebrate life’s passages.

  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • House Blessings
  • Child Dedications

She is available to help both members and non-members.  She also can assist if you need the names of UU churches or officiates that may be closer to your geographical location. She can be contacted at 919-477-7174 (home), 919-824-9343 (mobile) or pattyhanneman at gmail.com.

Humanist Celebrant

One of our members, Erdman (Pal) Palmore, PhD, is a Humanist Celebrant authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies and other rites of passage by the Humanist Society, an affiliate of the American Humanist Association. He can create a unique wedding ceremony suited to the desires of the engaged couple. Pal can be reached at 919-321-8668, epalmore at nc.rr.com, or his Web page.